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TBNG Thrace Basin Natural Gas Corporation Trakya Havzası Doğal Gaz Şirketi


TBNG is the largest private gas exploration and production company in Turkiye. 

We are strategically positioned in Northwest Turkiye with an operated gas production and distribution business, where we supply clean domestic natural gas to industrial customers throughout the region. We have a portfolio of 12 producing fields and over 100 operated producing wells with a 50 mmcf/d processing facility and distribution infrastructure.

TBNG’s core business strategy focuses on mature field operations, safely and effectively working through an inventory of behind-pipe opportunities and implementing an NPV-driven development drilling program as well as exploration activities. Our portfolio has significant development and growth opportunities, where will focus over investment over the next five years to grow our natural gas production.

TBNG’s team has extensive experience managing successful and balanced upstream portfolios of operated exploration and production assets across the Middle East and Europe.

TBNG: Leader in Innovative and Sustainable Natural Gas Production

TBNG reinforces its leading position in Turkey's energy sector with its innovative and sustainable efforts in natural gas exploration and extraction. The company, which continues its natural gas exploration activities using local and national resources in the Thrace Basin, has a broad portfolio with 18 production sites and more than 100 natural gas production wells. With this portfolio, TBNG takes significant steps towards increasing our country's energy independence and plays a crucial role in natural gas production. The company's modern operating facilities with a daily capacity of 1,500,000 m³ and extensive transmission infrastructure provide continuous and reliable energy supply to industrial customers. These efforts are carried out in line with TBNG's vision of contributing to economic growth and conducting operations in an environmentally conscious manner.


To closely follow the sectoral and technological developments in the world, to constantly renew oneself, and thus to offer the most up-to-date and advanced solutions to our stakeholders and customers.

Ethical Rules

In all our affairs and relationships, to be a reliable solution partner who primarily does not compromise on laws and universal ethical rules, acts honestly and transparently, and fulfills all promises on time.


To work without compromising on quality under any circumstances. To be one of the leading companies in terms of quality with a service understanding that meets internationally accepted standards. To provide fast, safe, and economical services.