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About Us

About Us

TBNG is largest natural gas exploration and production companies in the private sector, playing a leading role in Turkiye's energy sector. Founded in 1983 by Mehmet Ayhan Demirsu, the company operates with the vision of adding value to the country's economy by using local resources in the Thrace Basin.

TBNG, which has a deep-rooted history of 40 years, maintains its title as Turkiye's largest private natural gas producer with a production of 3.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas to date. The company provides services with its modern operating facilities with a daily capacity of 1,500,000 m³ and extensive transmission infrastructure in order to provide clean and domestic natural gas to industrial customers in the Thrace region.

TBNG's strategy is to increase domestic production and thus make sustainable contributions to the Turkish economy by investing in natural gas and oil exploration and production licenses that have great potential. This strategy is supported by the company's broad portfolio of 18 production fields and more than 100 natural gas production wells.

TBNG attaches great importance to Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and legal legislation requirements while carrying out all its operations. By exceeding the standards set in these areas, it demonstrates a pioneering approach in providing a sustainable environment and safe working conditions.