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Toward a Sustainable Future

Natural gas is an important energy source of modern life. As TBNG, we are working selflessly to search and extract this resource responsibly, as well as to protect the environment.

At the heart of our understanding of a sustainable environment are the following:

  • The Latest Technology: We use the latest technology in our drilling and production activities. In this way, we minimize the damage we cause to the environment.
  • Recycling: We do our best to recycle our waste. In this way, we protect our natural resources and prevent environmental pollution.
  • Biodiversity: We take care to protect the biodiversity in our work areas. For this purpose, we are carrying out projects such as habitat restoration and protection of natural areas.
  • Cooperation with Local Communities: We work closely with local communities. In this way, we minimize the socioeconomic impacts of our activities on the region.

Concrete examples of our sustainable environmental understanding:

  • Zero waste site target: We aim to recycle all our waste .
  • Energy efficiency: We are carrying out various projects to reduce our energy consumption.
  • Water use: We minimize our water use to protect water resources.
  • Carbon footprint: We are working to reduce our carbon footprint.

As TBNG, we are aware that natural gas is not only an energy source, but also a security for future generations. Therefore, we will always continue to do the best to conduct our activities in a sustainable way and protect the environment.

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